- Milestones
1996: BIOMAR is founded as a spin-off from PharmaMar (Zeltia Group)
1997: Start of marine bioprospecting and of Biomar’s AQUA marine collection
1998: Human health: Focus on ophthalmology. Collaboration with ONCE (Spanish National
           Blind people Organization)
1999: Human health: Expansion of therapeutic areas, anti-infectious agents and oncology
2000: Agriculture: Biopesticides. New bio-technology sector. R&D contract with DuPont
2001: Start of production at the fermentation pilot plant
2002: Appointment of Dr. Antonio Fernández as the new CEO of Biomar
2003: Human health: Expansion of therapeutic areas, anti-angiogenic drugs and
2004: First industrial collection of micro-algae in Spain
2005: MIRACLE European project: Isolation of non-cultivable marine micro-organisms
2006: First round of capital funding from new shareholders
2007: Identification of micro-algae for the production of biodiesel
2008: Foodstuffs: Food additives. New biotechnology sector
2009: Constructing of new building at the Technological Park in León (Spain)
2010: Increase in fermentation capacity and quality standards up to 3,000 L
2011: Establishment of Business Development and Commercialization units
2012: Presentation at Incosmetics of our anti-acne product developed from a marine
           actinomycet in collaboration with Infinitec
2013: The company enters into financial equilibrium and profits
2014: Expansion of our contract with Valent BioSciences Corporation for the discovery
           and development of bio-rational products
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