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At Biomar we are engaged in projects searching for new herbicides, insecticides and fungicides:
Arabidopsis growth regulators
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In collaboration with the University of Salamanca, an initial screening has been proposed to detect compounds in the Biomar collection capable of stimulating or inhibiting the growth of Arabidopsis, for possible use as herbicides or plant growth regulators (PGR).
Insecticides for aphids
Biomar is establishing a screening system for the detection of compounds or extracts with activity against aphids. The AQUA collections will be evaluated to select promising candidates.
Authocthonous Trichoderma harzianum
Numerous field trials have been conducted with this micro-organism isolated at our plant in León. The results are very good and substantially better that similar products available commercially.
APSABIO Project (Anti Pseudomonas Syringae v. Actinidae from BIOmar)
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Microbiologial natural products with high effectiveness against bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas, a pathogen of commercial interest´s plants. > View more information.

Identification and characterization of new biopesticides in a test system using whole plants. > View more information.
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